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Advanced Professional Investigations executes family law investigations in Denver, Colorado. If you are a family law attorney or private individual with a legal need, Advanced Professional Investigations will help you obtain information so that you can decide how to move forward with your family law case. Emotions on the part of the client makes a family law attorney's job difficult in determining whether concerns of the child regarding the other parent are being accurately described. However, concerns for safety and the overall well-being of the children are sometimes in question and need to be taken seriously.


Our Denver family law investigators look into the following:


Parenting Time - Surveillance and other investigations provide key information that can prove invaluable. When preparing for mediation or child custody hearings, utilizing licensed professional investigators can provide the family law attorney with pertinent information such as neglect, child abuse, drug and alcohol related problems and established routines.Although there may not be evidence of alcohol or drug use during visitation time, is there question of such in the hours before the child exchange? Are the children being left unattended? Video documentation via surveillance can be crucial to determine this. What are the children’s behaviors while they are spending time with that parent? Are they happy and seem content, or do they appear hesitant and fearful during their visitation? Are the children in a healthy, stable, and safe environment? That is the ultimate question.


Background Investigations - Who is spending time with the children? Are background checks on third party individuals spending time with the children warranted? Unfortunately, we have had cases where new love interests or babysitters have had questionable backgrounds.


Besides parenting time, questionable employment that would be detrimental to the emotional or physical well-being of the children may need to be answered. Is the subject working at a bar and taking the children with them during their shift for example?


Background investigations coupled with surveillance can be a powerful combination used to document and reveal questionable behaviors in an objective manner, providing the family law attorney with necessary information to proceed in the best interest of their client, or at times put the parent at ease knowing their child or children are well looked after while in the other’s care.


Determination of Employment:  Insuring there is a proper support structure means a steady source of income.  Determination of employment can also help with child support. Surveillance comes into play when determining employment.  Are the subject(s) employed?  Are they claiming all their income and assets?


Social Media Investigations – Social media posts, photos, conversations and status updates can provide valuable information about activities and subject matter in your family law case.


Co-Habitation -  Surveillance can assist in documenting cohabitation and employment for cases where spousal support or maintenance are in question.


Anti-Stalking - API has received calls from family law attorneys representing clients that, after years of abuse, have finally had the courage to leave the relationship and start proceedings for divorce. Unfortunately, in some of the cases, the potential for escalation and struggle for control may be present. Actions such as harassment, physical and electronic stalking through the use of texts, emails and GPS tracking devices, begin to both appear and increase. Counter surveillance, security and other types of investigations may be beneficial for these issues. Has a restraining / protection order been placed on the ex spouse, only to find that the restraining / protection order is not preventing the individual from violating it? Our Denver family law investigator provides consultations, services, and can incorporate surveillance, background investigations, locating of hidden GPS tracking devices, interviews, and other services, providing you with the evidence you need to end this unwanted behavior.


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